EN: Declarations 1 November 2001

The Fall of the Judeo-American Empire

  1. The general attack upon civilization, the resurrection of cultures, and the unwinding of the USA are the substance of the Third World War, which began on 7 October 2001 with the air attacks of the Anglo-American forces against Afghanistan. The perpetrator of this Third World war is the USA -- not only in the formal sense that it was replying to the attack of 11 September with a counter-attack and thereby transformed a unilateral act of violence into an exchange of violent acts, and therefore into a war, but also in the substantive sense that it responded to a strike, not amounting to war and carried out from within, with attacks which were of war-calibre, directed outward. Moreover, it encroached upon the cultural territory of Islamic states and thereby offended against international prohibitions which apply to sea powers. Beyond all this, with the creation of the state of Israel, international custom and right has been violated for good.

  2. On 11 September 2001, there occurred the overdue general attack of the Islamic Middle Ages upon the Judeo-American Civilization, which is Modernism and thus Barbarism, in its own main depot. These attacks were executed by the resurrected martyrs of a medieval Mohammedan warrior culture, which offers itself in sacrifice and takes as many of the enemy into death with it as it can. The Holy War and its martyrs are the crown of Islamic culture. Attack upon civilization, resurrection of cultures, and the smashing of the USA, including its global Jewish influence-apparatus, along with the ending of the Jewish State and the simultaneous construction of a world order based upon the freedom of the various peoples, is the inseparable complete process of the anti-capitalist world revolution, at whose victorious conclusion Western values and their utilization process will be broken and the sovereignty of the nationalities established.

  3. The occupation of Palestine by the Jews and the establishment of their regime of state terror in May 1948 was a consequence of Yahweh-fundamentalism, which forced its way through the Zionist movement since the Basle congress of 1903, against Theodor Herzl's idea of the national normalization of the Jews by means of a secular national state. With the defeat of Herzl, the Mosaic mummy of religion was reanimated and it awakened -- with a delay of some decades -- the Islamic mummy of religion to new life in Islamism. Jews and Arabs embody the beginning- and end-structures of Semitism, which forms a common Realm of Fanaticism. It is characteristic for the spirit that has shapes in Yahweh and Allah that it does not grasp the Concept; it does not completely realize its own moments and brings about, so to speak, a short-circuit between the Particular and the General, because it does not know or recognize the Individual. In Yahwehism, one people alone is chosen as Subduer and Exploiter of the world, if they obey the Law of Yahweh (the Universal) and overthrow the other gods and exterminate their people (the Particular); in Islam, each individual, through his submission (=Islam) to Allah, is justified for conquest, is a battler in a Holy War, whose single purpose is the conversion or subjection of all unbelievers, therefore the World-Islam, the World-Subjection under Allah directly (conversion to Islam) or indirectly (subjection to the umma, the world community of all Moslems). Mohammedism offers a substitute community to rootless individuals and to corrupted national societies, in the manner of ancient revolution of the Orient, and therefore also a social relief by means of participation in the campaign of conquest by Islamic-inclusive fanaticism, while the Jewish-exclusive form of fanaticism which presently is master of the world, has driven all peoples and all of their dispersed individuals into the counter-historical inescapability of Globalism.

  4. With Allah it is possible to have a State, with Yahweh it is not. Islam is intellectually and historically superior to Yahwehism. Both forms of fanaticism, which originated with the Semitic race, can only exist with each other and with the rest of the world if they first of all remain limited to the desert fringes of the earth, and second, if the Jews submit themselves to the Arabs. For, because the Religion of the Law of the Jews is based upon a bond, a genocidal contract against other gods and nations, the Jews are competent only for a regime of legal injustice, not one of justice and the State. Thus the Jews and their cult can only survive as tolerated unbelievers under Islamic control, because outside of the realm of fanaticism, for example, in a state of the German-Christian cultural sphere, they have only a corrupting effect, and sooner or later draw down upon themselves ethnic pogroms or total expulsion from the state.

  5. Christianity as the religion of love, which culminates in the principle of the Trinity, in the reconciliation of the eternal, natural, and human spirit, is the militant, particularly anti-Jewish form, which has adopted the religion of the Nordic ethnicities (Philistines) in the embattled land of the Philistines (Palestine). Jesus, the Messiah that had truly appeared, is, as natural spirit and son of God, the reconciler of the eternal and the human spirit, of God and Man. Therefore even the gods and their peoples in themselves, have been reconciled with one another and the contract with Yahweh for the genocide of gods and peoples has been torn into pieces. Jesus and His rejection of the Jews as the children of the devil and of murderers (John 8:44) has ever since been the pivot point of world history whose single final goal it is from now on, to make real to every people for themselves, the reconciliation of God, the World, and Man in the course of World history, which was completed in itself through the death of Jesus on the cross.

  6. At the beginning of the current era, the spirit of the German people succeeded in the complete Germanization of the Christian faith with Luther's Reformation, and thereby its total spiritual de-Judafication and the laying the foundation for the concept of Christianity in German Idealism. The German Reformation of Christianity went astray on the Western edge of Europe into the paths of Anglicism, Calvinism, and Puritanism; the Catholic holiness of works is transformed, not into the holiness of grace, but into the holiness of success and therefore ideologically Judaized, which was united in America to Old Testamentism and the mania of feeling Chosen, and the phrases of the Promised Land and New Jerusalem. The founders of White America and all their successors were Jewish-minded, from whom in the 20th century real Jews took power with ease. But even then, if the power returns to the White East Coast, the old WASP Exploitation-Elite, America will remain a Jewish power.

  7. The Jewish- blooded as well as the Jewish- minded power functionalized the world power of the USA and created the Judeo-American Imperium with the forcing through globally of the capitalistic system, which did not introduce formal world rule, but the formless World-Shepherdship. With this, the peoples of the world have not fallen into s state of slavery through which they can be liberated, but into the condition of cattle into which they are herded, milked, sheared, and slaughtered. The World-Shepherdship is the World Genocide, because it is the global cattlization. The self-decattlization of global humanity by means of the resurrection of ethnicities, of their cultures and of their gods, is the same event as the destruction of the Judeo-American Imperium.

  8. Ending of the United States: the USA must be dissolved! Its existence is no right, but is an outcast existence which is not a tolerable situation and is not allowed to survive. The United States is an ahistoric construct, whose core consists of the rootless (asocial) individuals from Western Europe, whose invasion of the New World was without right or law. Theft of land, extermination of the native people, importation of slaves, two world wars against Germany, and the murder of the German Reich , the God of the Germans present on earth, are the greatest crimes of the USA. The inhabitants of the USA are not a people, and they live there in dissoluteness. They are an accumulation of individuals, they are noted for their crude and violent attitude, and they know only abstract right, which serves only the security of property. From the very beginning, the USA has been characterized by corruption, predatory capitalism, mind-control, false democracy, hypocrisy and bigotry; it continually shifts it domestic violence outward. It has held all states in the global condition of hostage with the threat of atomic attack, after it proved by action its will to perform nuclear mass extermination at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Permanent, concealed conducting of war through military assistance and coerced state debt are the political-economic means to uphold global vassalage, subtle stupefication of the population by misconceptions and lying slogans (human rights, democracy, etc.) and the flooding of the world with the products of Jewish Hollywood filth and trash, are the ideological means of this World-Shepherdship. Any strikes against the establishments, functionaries, or collaborators of the USA, carried out anywhere on this earth or in space, are blows of retaliation allowed in the conformity with war and are proper to force the reconstitution of sovereign national subjects.

  9. In the worldwide war of liberation of the nations against the Judeo-American Imperium and all its accomplice-imperialists, it has long been the mission of the German people to abolish, thus spiritually to annihilate the Western values and their application. The Western Enlightenment, the early form of the ideology of Rationalism, has been defeated and condemned by German Idealism, and the Deutsches Kolleg , as the German Reich's organ of thought, executes this judgement of philosophical History on the present incarnations of the Western utilitarian-community. German culture, as the centre of the German-Christian West, has nothing to do with their civilization, thank God.

  10. The cultural sphere of the European peoples, together with the other cultural spheres of the earth, will devalue the Judeo-Western values, abolish their civilization by cultivating, and destroy their global political-military power, while its injustice becomes known and the world becomes aware of its genocide. On the list to be done of world history is the ending of Israel by the subjection of all the Jews to Islamic control and the dissolving of the USA into exclusive colonies of settlement of various ethnicities which are constitutionally made into genuine folk colonies, into expanded settlements of their mother-peoples and fatherlands. The bloodiest imperialism of world history, the anti-Imperium of the anti-Nation will thereby be taken apart and transformed into a world order of sovereign peoples into cultural spaces secured against foreign intervention, and ascend to a higher stage of the mortal spirit, to the pleasure of the Eternal Spirit.

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