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Manifesto of the Deutsches Kolleg

Without active participation of its élite in the struggle for liberation, the German People will not be able to free itself, nor think or assert its fundamental order.

Apart from a very few exceptions, the élite in Germany have been absorbed by the system, integrated into the death programme of the Globalists, and are seemingly lost for our national liberation.

They now need to be won back for their People.

They are only to be won back if they are intellectually challenged.

This is done by taking their claim of being the embodiment of science and social expertise, and questioning this comprehensibly in front of a broad intellectual audience, i.e. publicly.

In order to accomplish this task, we need to enable ourselves, by means of a swift, intensive and responsible process of learning, to point out with German thought, the boundary of the zeitgeist of the atomistic era at which it is now perishing.

Its religious dogma is the declaration that only that which can be thought without contradiction is possible. Thus, only those observances and experiences which do not lead to a contradiction are taken into the “scientific world view”. Life, People, Nation, Spirit, and God are not to be found in this world view. They are intellectually ostracised.

Now that the crisis of the end of the capitalist system’s era has begun, it is putting an end to the illusion of freedom. Democracy is now propagating repression as its being. This repression is directed against the idea of Germanness, the folk-community, the Reich, and against the idea of the unity of God and man as being the death of Yahweh, the jealous god of the Jews.

The solely comprehensible thinking of the zeitgeist, which has not yet come to reason, has in itself already been overcome by the ideas of German idealistic philosophy and in Marx’s analysis of middle-class society.

The fundamental experience of German thought was summarised by Hegel in his postdoctoral thesis in the words:

Contradiction is the norm of truth, non-contradiction of untruth.

Theoretical physics is following him – as yet involuntarily and with reluctance. Under the influence of palpable power interests, the priests of the “sciences” of man and human community are – much like Ptolemy – entangling themselves in increasingly complex theories in an attempt to define away the contradictions they are meeting everywhere, and are confusing the human spirit. It is currently their main agenda, in order to paralyse the Peoples’ will to resistance, to have Peoples and nations appear as delusions, as phantasmagorias.

The course of history is not determined by matter and the weapons forged out of it, but by the struggle of the Folk-Spirits.

The Spirit of the German People has its root not in the Gallic “Enlightenment”, nor in Anglo-Saxon Utilitarianism, but in German Idealism. This spirit is appointed to finally bring to reason the ghosts of the intellect in the world of politics, and to finish off the nightmare of treacherous betrayal by the political class.

Karl Marx – grandchild of a rabbi – recognised and analysed the reality of the bourgeoisie as being the true spiritual shape and form of Judaism in unparalleled clarity, and made the entanglement of Christianity with the worldly rule of Jewry, the rule of money, a subject of discussion.

As the result of the acquisition of the systems of thought of Hegel and Marx, the spiritual shape and form that will sublate Judaism – its worldly form Mammonism and the “scientific world view” corresponding to it – will come to itself in the German People, and will thus disempower the spirit of the times.

“Once the kingdom of ideas has been revolutionised, reality can not endure.” (Hegel 1808).

“The theory that engulfs the masses, turns into material force.” (Karl Marx 1844).

We place our confidence into this force of the spirit. It is irresistible and therefore peaceful. It harnesses the death-bringing brutality of the intellect through the medium of reason. The German Spirit is the guarantor for victory, in the Germans’ struggle for freedom.

In this sense, the Deutsches Kolleg considers itself to be a weapon smithy for the spiritual, mental and intellectual struggle, as well as simultaneously being a training ground for Warriors of the Idea (Nietzsche).

Deutsches Kolleg
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